EGX Rezzed 2017

EGX Rezzed is definitely one of my favourite events to go to; with all the indie developers and opportunities to get to know the people behind the games on show, it’s an experience not to be missed.

I won’t be able to cover ALL of the games on show, but I do want to highlight some of my personal favourites.

Ruby Rei 


It’s Ruby (and me!)

I had heard about Ruby Rei prior to EGX, so I was really looking forward to how it would work in practice. Ruby Rei is essentially a game that teaches you languages (I got to play English to Spanish) but in an interesting way. The game follows the character Ruby on her mission to save her friends and find her way home. The art style is just stunning and the point-and-click adventure style works well with this type of game.

In terms of learning, you will be following the story in the language that you choose, with the text appearing in that language. You can then click on underlined words to translate them. You also have the option to listen to the sentence again, which is useful especially for beginners like me. I liked the fact that there are no tests and the game teaches you a language like how you would learn in the real world, by listening.

After speaking to one of the founders of Ruby Rei, I also learned that they have online resources to be used in conjunction with the game to supplement your learning experience. I can’t honestly think of another game that teaches languages in a fun and interesting way like Ruby Rei has managed to pull off. I know they are working on even more languages and updates so this is definitely one to to keep an eye on and try out !

Fable Fortune 


I will be going into a lot more detail in a future post, but for now I will say that Fable Fortune is going to be really exciting for the TCG community. As a big TCG player, I was always disappointed with the lack of co-op in most TCGs. While twin-head MTG has been the only option for a while (or the occasional Hearthstone tavern brawl) it’s really interesting to see something new come to the table.

In terms of mechanics, there are a few things that Fable Fortune has that add layers and depth to the game. The first being that you can complete quests, each completed quest will allow you to choose a morality path; either good or evil (keeping with the Fable theme). Each path offers an upgrade to your hero power and you can choose according to the strategy of your deck.

In a practice game I played as the Shapeshifter, whose hero power Rend allows you to deal 1 damage to a target. Once I had completed my quest I then chose to upgrade my hero power to deal 2 damage if the target had 5 or more health. This fit well with my aggro style of play and helped me pick off some big health units too. The other interesting part of Fable Fortune is that you can give Guard to any card at the cost of 1 gold (Guard being FF’s version of Taunt), including cards played by your co-op partner.

I was lucky enough to obtain a steam key today so I will be talking more about this game soon.

Sure Footing


The first thing that strikes you about Sure Footing is the amazingly bright, neon-coloured palette. The game feels like a cross between a platformer and an infinite runner, being played through a kaleidoscope. It stands out from other infinite runners not just with the aesthetics, but also with the mechanics. The platformer level design allows for more choice while running and certainly feels a lot more frantic. The game also plays with your brains sense of stability by changing the direction of the camera scroll from left to right (and even upside down!).

While I am generally terrible at most platformers and infinite runners, Sure Footing definitely has a strong compulsion loop and had I not felt that I was ‘hogging’ it, I could have played for a lot longer !

Snipper Clips


I was so pleased to finally be able to play on a Nintendo Switch!! Snipper Clips is a co-op puzzle game where two oddly shaped characters have to snip their way to victory. Snipping can invovle cutting out an outlined shape and sometimes this means snipping each other to achieve that. It’s a little tricky to get your head around at first but once it clicks it’s a really fun and even slightly chaotic game! (Plus they had little owls on one of the levels and anything with owls is basically a winner to me).


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