Overwatch: Introducing Orisa

422033-Orisa header


Here to shake up the meta, Orisa introduces a new alternative to Reinhardt’s everywhere. Orisa may have the longest reload time of any champion currently in the game, but with 150 ammo to get through, it doesn’t hold you back. Each round delivers 12 damage and slows her movement while firing. But with 200 health and 200 armour, Orisa is still a formidable opponent.

Her right click “Halt!” is similar to Zayra’s ultimate, but can be detonated at your will (useful for say, pulling enemies into a pit). Fortify will allow you to take reduced damage and all CC will have no effect. Where Orisa shines the most is with the protective barrier, a stationary shield with 900 health (Reinhardt’s has 2000, Winston’s has 600) and with a cooldown of only 12 seconds.

Her ultimate deploys a device similar to an Nano Boost or Mercy damage buff (Mercy damage boost is +30%, Nano Boost is +50% damage boost & +50% damage resist); the buff from Orisa is +50% but affects all allies in a 25 meter radius (works on line of sight).

Strategy wise, Orisa offers strong protection at choke points and her Fortify allows her to soak a lot of CC without any drawbacks. Her main weakness is lack of mobility and flankers can give her real problems when coming behind the shield. In order to use her ult, the team also has to be grouped near it, leaving them open to AOE ults (Reaper, Junkrat, Phara, etc).

Overall, Orisa feels fun to play and has opened up a new challenge for players.


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