Gwent closed beta

After finally sorting out some troublesome PC issues, I finally managed to get Gwent working. I’ve had access to the closed beta for a while, so the level of hype was indescribable!

The interface is smooth and easy to navigate. There is an optional tutorial for anyone wanting to get to grips with newly introduced mechanics, or those who are new to Gwent.

gwent 2.png

After each victory, you are awarded with xp to level up and you are also given scraps and ore. Scraps are the material used to craft cards, whereas ore is used to buy ‘kegs’ – the Gwent equivalent of card packs.


When you unlock a keg, you receive 5 cards. At least one card will be Rare, Epic or Legendary.


In terms of balancing, in the early grind the Monster deck does seem to have the edge. With lots of removal and special cards it is certainly a tough deck to beat if the player is lucky enough to have the gold cards.


I found the Scoia’tael deck to be quite a good counter however. With the ability to redraw 3 cards at any time, the special ability really allows you to search for the cards you need in a pinch. My strategy was to throw the first round but make sure I keep at least 2-3 cards for the next one. Then I would usually have quite a strong lead in round 2. Then come round 3 I can redraw to find the strong cards I need to finish the game.


So far I am really enjoying the Gwent closed beta. The voice lines for playing cards (especially Geralt) are a really nice touch and while it will still be a little while before release, I am looking forward to seeing what they can do.


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